Our mission is to provide best-in-class consultancy and analytic solutions for companies within our core business knowledge areas.

Hejmdal prides itself by having an honest no-nonsense approach to this, we will not propose any solutions if it does not fit your business.

This approach include ourselves, if we are not the right match for your business, then we will help you find the right match. By doing so we help protect your project and our employees.

Business Consulting

We apply our deep business knowledge, to your business. This means you will have a partner to help your throughout your implementation, that understands your needs. In addition, can help you transform your business.

Machine Learning

We are applying the same business knowledge that you can tap into for consulting, to create high-value machine learning algorithms, using the latest technology in the cloud.

This means that we can deploy this without disrupting your current systems, and you can do what you want to with the output. Handle it discretely or surfacing it in your current system.