Hejmdal helps you get up and running with the MS Azure Storage and Database solutions, you need.


Blobs, Tables, Queues, and Files

Azure Storage provides the flexibility to store and retrieve large amounts of unstructured data, such as documents and media files with Azure Blobs; structured nosql based data with Azure Tables; reliable messages with Azure Queues, and use SMB based Azure Files for migrating on-premises applications to the cloud.


Premium Storage

Premium Storage delivers high-performance, low-latency disk support for I/O intensive workloads running on Azure Virtual Machines. You can attach several Premium Storage disks to a virtual machine (VM). With Premium Storage, your applications can have up to 32 TB of storage per VM and achieve 64,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second) per VM with extremely low latencies for read operations. Premium Storage is currently available only for storing data on disks used by Azure Virtual Machines.


Highly scalable

Azure Storage keeps up with your growing data needs, with up to 500 TB of total storage per account. A single subscription supports up to 50 storage accounts, delivering petabytes of storage for the largest scenarios. Whether you’re building a consumer site or a terabyte-scale big data application, Azure is designed to handle it.


Durable & highly available

Azure storage automatically replicates your data to help guard against unexpected hardware failures and make sure it’s available when you need it. We keep 3 copies within a single region. A geo-redundancy option creates 3 additional copies hundreds of miles away for higher availability and disaster recovery.


Designed for developers

Build apps with first class client library support for .NET, Java, Android, C++, and Node.js. Data in Azure Storage is also accessible via REST API, which can be called by any language that makes HTTP/HTTPS requests. Azure Storage includes strong consistency guarantees, simplifying cloud application development and enabling predictable experiences for applications built on Azure.


Global reach

Azure Storage is available in 19 regions across 4 continents. Put your files where it makes the most business sense. Scale up or across data centers as needed and keep data geographically closer to your customers for faster access and better performance.


Cost effective

Pay only for what you use, at a cost lower than on-premises storage options.